Meet the new non-meat called “Mheat”!!


Mheat Original RRP £3.75 + P&P from Sgaia Foods [available in some UK stockists already] – See more at:

I was beside myself with glee when my package of “Mheat” arrived. “Mheat”? I hear you cry…don’t you mean “meat”, well no, no I don’t! “Mheat” is a brand new plant based product, created by genius Italian couple Hilary and Alberto of Sgaia Foods, who moved to the UK in 2011. Hilary and Alberto are well aware that most people see plant-based products as being “free from” everything – including pleasure, and set about creating a product which in their own words is deliciously “full-of”! Full of natural ingredients, full of nutrients, full of taste and full of originality.

Us vegans are frequently up against it when it comes to battling opinions which believe that to be vegan is to give up a lot of pleasures and cultural norms. Sgaia Foods are here to change all that with the first product in their Italian, plant-based range – Mheat. Mheat is a plant based take on the very popular, originally Asian food: seitan. Seitan which is a food made with the gluten extracted from wheat. This is even better – it’s virtually fat-free and made of protein – now I for one know that anything virtually fat free at this time of year is a very good idea for me, to compensate for the fat-FULL party season!

The box is beautifully branded, and the product itself is vacuum packed which gives it a very professional finish. For those who like their plant-based alternatives to look as “meaty” as possible, this certainly does. Infact, I would challenge anyone to notice it was anything other than meat. I loved the fact that the product came with a suggested recipe card in the box. I decided for this reason, to go ahead and make the suggested recipe – Mheat and Mushrooms Alla Piastra.


When I opened the pack, the Mheat was soft-ish in texture and smelled lovely right away. Mheat is ready to eat right from the pack, so I took a taste before I started cooking. It tasted lovely and I could definitely imagine it in a sandwich or on a salad – in fact, I saved a small amount for that reason!

Once I started cooking the Mheat in olive oil and soy sauce, it gradually browned off, just as meat would and smelled delicious!


I knew it was ready when it firmed up a little and I then added onions, peppers and mushrooms – by this point everyone in my house wanted to know what I was cooking (and I am the only vegan so I was happy to let them know!).


I decided to serve my Mheat with savoury rice and I have to say, it was genuinely one of the most scrumptious meals I have had in ages – and so simple to cook! The taste is rich and fulfilling and definitely has an Asian twist to it. I am thrilled that Mheat is starting to make an appearance in the UK and will definitely be seeking it out as a regular addition to my weekly shop!


This sample was sent to me free of charge through the blogger review service of the VEGAN lifestyle ASSOCIATION. For more information please see I have not been paid for this review and it is my genuine and unbiased review of the product.



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