Week 4 – Furloughed frolics….

Another week has rolled around. Pretty quickly actually as I have been intending to write at the weekend and it’s Monday already. Apparently time flies when you’re….pretty limited on things to do! This was my first week on furlough from work and I have to say I’ve really enjoyed it. I made myself a list of activity options with the intention to choose two things each day – one exercise option and one other (list features things like learning Adobe Premier Pro, learning sign language and baking or drawing amongst others).

I have added my name to a list of people on my street who have formed a volunteer group to help anyone in need ours and surrounding streets. I’m waiting to be assigned to specific houses and will then be on standby for shopping trips or similar – feels like a good thing to be a part of. I’ve also applied to a volunteer telephone befriending service for elderly people in Brighton and Hove. Time to Talk are an award winning service and it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time but not found a service that actually needed people. I think about being alone when I’m old (weird I know and possibly borderline morbid!) and how isolating that could be, so I hope I can do some good.

I mentioned sign language. In an effort to make sure I make the most of this time I’ve signed up to an accredited online sign language course for levels 1 & 2. I’ve known the alphabet for years but it feels good to be learning more. My only intention at the moment is to learn enough that I’m confident to actually use it to say the basics to someone who is deaf but who knows, maybe I’ll really enjoy it and take it further…. *thinks back to the time she said that about that aerial circus skills course…..turns out, not for me thank youuu*




I’ve also been a bit arty this week. I used to draw a fair bit when I was younger but I guess it’s one of those things which you don’t make time for as an adult. I’m really enjoying having a little sketcheroo while the TV is on. Here’s Gerald for your viewing pleasure.




I’ve kept up the exercise this week. I muuuust get running but have been doing long walks and workouts in the house most days. One of the things am enjoying about going on walks is the small interactions it’s still possible to have with other people. I walked past an older lady who was just coming out of her block of flats to post a letter and she said how beautiful the day was. She said it reminded her of an old song, which she gave me a little burst of and it stuck in my head until I got home. It’s those little interactions that make all the difference I find.


I borrowed a puzzle this week from someone on a Facebook group and it has taken up a LOT of time – I haven’t done a puzzle since I was a kid and I can’t believe how addictive it is. Every time I walk past it I intend to put a couple more pieces in and before I know it I’ve lost half an hour. It’s a great pastime though and something I think I will try to keep up after lockdown. Such a lovely thing to be able to actually borrow in this day and age. I don’t know the lady I borrowed it from, we just communicated through Facebook and she left it outside her flat for me to collect and I will return when I’m done (hopefully this side of Christmas!). I love how trusting people in Brighton and Hove are, there’s a real sense of community. I’ll hope to post the finished article next time….


In other news….. it had to be done, it was getting to the point where, when I wore shorts, my leg hair was catching the breeze (hashtag sexy). Nowhere near as good as when Cora does it of course (check out The Serenity Room when this madness is over!) and I should get at least a silver medal for some of the positions I had to get in, but I am at least now less ashamed to get my legs out, so, every cloud.


That’s me for now, later hosens.


Week 3 – Free time & acceptance

End of the third week (well, since I started documenting) and I’m still managing to remain pretty balanced. It’s been the second week of working from home and Microsoft Teams has been a lifeline in keeping us all in touch – we even had a Friday beer together over Teams which was fun.



What else though…….FITNESS

Outside of work, I’ve been keeping pretty busy. I’ve either walked or cycled every day and have a little route which is about 4 miles in total so I am trying to do that most days (almost hit my 10k steps with that walk!). The midway point is the stunning bandstand which I’ve always walked past but never been on. It’s such a beautiful landmark.



Community drinking…On my walks I’ve been having a bit of a giggle at the amount of empty alcohol bottles in people’s recycling boxes – definitely no judgement! It’s a clear representation of the area you’re in though – plenty of middle class red wine and gin around here (hehe). There are also a few comedic references around which allow for a little smile in these fairly dark days…

I’ve also discovered the app “Down Dog” which is free at the moment (yay for generous companies) until May 1st and includes Yoga for Beginners, HIIT, Barre, and 7 Minute Workout – I’m really enjoying it. If you’re a teacher, student or healthcare professional, it’s free until July 1st 🙂

Additive viewing….. Also this week, seemingly like most people, I discovered the Tiger King on Netflix. Honestly, if you haven’t, do. Even if just for Joe Exotic’s war with “That bitch….” (if you know, you know). Take it with a pinch of salt, as I’m sure it has been hugely sensationalised but wowzers it was addictive viewing. Oddly reminded me of Making a Murderer – and had me flipping between feeling sorry for Joe Exotic and pure disbelief at any of those involved being allowed to do what they are doing. It actually also sparked me to get on with a project I have been thinking about for a while around animal welfare law, but more on that another time.

Lastly this week, the garden has been mostly sorted and is at least habitable for some (hopefully) upcoming sunny days – feeling very lucky to have that option. There’s been quite a lot of growth from the horse chestnut tree my Mum planted last year for me, I made a tiny snail friend and read a book with a cuppa in the garden – all things I wouldn’t have done or noticed yet if I hadn’t had all this spare time on my hands.

Next week will be the first week of furlough for me, which while slightly disconcerting, will give me a huge amount of time to do things I wouldn’t normally do. I am going to try and really make the most of it as when else am I ever going to get this sort of time to myself – almost certainly never. So I guess the moto for this week is “every cloud”.

Stay safe folks.


Week 2 – Living for dinner time & walks to the beach…


One week down…..??? to go. I actually feel like I’m doing ok. It might be that I’m doing what I often do and not letting myself properly think about it. Time alone has never been a problem for me, I’m an only child, so I’ve always been able to keep myself entertained – I actually really like time alone. What’s bothering me at the moment is definitely the lack of cafes and pubs etc and just somewhere to go….

IMG_20200323_082150_resized_20200328_041051998  So what have I done with my time? So far I think I’ve exercised every day, which is great. Long work days don’t always allow make me feel like going to classes. I do exercise normally, but certainly not every day. Along with Yoga, I’ve been trying out PE with Joe Wicks – crazy how many people he has watching that! All the while we are allowed, I’m also making sure I get outside mot days – I’m lucky enough that I can walk to the beach in 10 minutes. Someone left this cute pebble dude….



First week of working from home has been a little weird but I’m all set up now with my standing frame so that should help get me a little more in to the swing of things next week and hopefully help with the hellish hip pain. The work WhatsApp group chat has also been off the scale hilarious – oddly, I don’t think we have ever been so social. Every cloud.

I have noticed myself falling into a slight food obsession – anyone else? Even in the morning I’m thinking “ooh what can I have for dinner”. I think it’s part of trying to find a bit of a pattern to my day. I’ve always been a bit of a foodie and I love to cook but I’m finding that to be even more true now. I’ve also made “takeaway Fridays” an official thing (for as long as they stay open!) because my favourite Chinese (ironically) is basically essential…..so…….yeah. Ooh, I made brownies this week too, which was a bloody good shout and meant treats were available for most of the week. All in all, I’ve seen out week one without much ado.

Now please can this just be done, so we can have summer and fun and we can all see each other again.


There’s a new C – Word in town…


Writing a blog during this crazy Corona time is probably one of the more cliché things to do – but, I’m going to do it anyway, if for no other reason than to refresh the blog site I pay for yearly and always intend to keep up to date! I mean, I sure have the time now!

So I guess I should start with how I’m feeling about the whole thing. Trouble is, I don’t really know yet. I don’t think it has really sunk in. The most part of me is thinking in terms of weeks as I just cannot comprehend anything any longer than that. I’m focussing on summer and this hopefully being a distant memory by then.

Today for me feels like day #1 – last night the announcement went out about the closure of pubs, cafes and restaurants and let’s face it, that’s a total game changer. I love nothing more than a coffee out and about – ironically, even on my own, which I do regularly. Oddly today I woke up feeling quite fresh at 8am – on a Saturday!? That is not something which ever happens, I’m much more of a “don’t talk to me before 9am” kinda girl! I had a feeling of not wanting too much “day”, since we are so limited on what we can do now – a sad thought really and one I must not make a habit of. In actuality, day #1 has been ok. I realised I’m going to need a list of things I am at least aiming to do during this. So here’s the first draft:

  • Read books
  • Give my face a total makeup break
  • Draw
  • Exercise daily (walk, yoga, cycling..anything)
  • Meditate (yawn…everyone says this…but I have to admit, I’m a fan)
  • Learn something (not sure what yet)


IMG_20200321_111447_resized_20200321_071431815So today I started with a couple of those. I went for a walk (alone, of course) and did a mini 5 min meditation on the beach. I can’t decide if I glad it was such a sunny day or kinda wishing it was rainy so it felt like less of a waste. If this was a normal Saturday I would almost certainly be having a cheeky lunch somewhere with a friend and probably have a celebratory “Spring is here” beer in hand.

When I got home I decided there was no time like the present and popped on some Yoga with Adriene. I’m still quite new to yoga so am sticking to the 30 min ones but I think I am going to like having it as a regular part of my routine. I definitely feel fresher afterwords and I guess as time goes by it will hopefully keep me calm (that’s what they say right?).



I haven’t felt any major worry creeping in yet but I think that’s mainly because it still feels like a dream. At the moment for me, it feels more like huge annoyance (I think that’s easier to process). They can’t be seriously saying we need to stay inside for WEEKS can they? When in life did we ever think we were going to be told we weren’t allowed to go to work? 


Some thoughts I have so far:

  1. I can honestly say I never took “before” for granted. I have the perfect work/life balance and enough money to save and play. What could be better. Sure, I could save more and sure I’d like to earn more – who wouldn’t. But basically I was living the life and I knew it. I’m glad about that, because I would hate to now be thinking “I wish I enjoyed it before in case it never comes back”.
  2. I will miss people so much. I love my time alone – LOVE IT, but it’s the not knowing how long this will last which is obviously the nightmare.
  3. I’m lucky with my job. I think it will be ok – but obviously it won’t be ok indefinitely.
  4. It wouldn’t hurt to have more skills. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a ditz (some would disagree I’m sure) but am I “World Ready” like the kids are taught to be nowadays? Errrr no….. Hence the final point in my “to do” list.

So that’s me, for now. I was going to get a journal and do this, but I think this makes the most sense and will hopefully provide an online reference for this at some point in the future when this is all just a distant memory.

R x